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In this video, I talk about the 3 secrets that has helped me inspire thousands of people to take action. Truthfully, I'm also kind of dispelling a few myths as well. They were myths to me. 

I will also briefly talk about some of my approaches that landed me over 300 speaking engagements including 3 TEDxTalks (within 20 months!).

If you feel speaking with impact and confidence is a major wall to getting you and your business to the next level, including landing more public speaking gigs, this program is for you.

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Friends and Family Price of $397USD

ENDS July 17th at midnight EST.

(Limited Space - I want a small group this time)

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Prices goes up to $697USD on July 18th, 2016

Classes Begin June 15th

Every Thursday* over 5 weeks, 1.5 hour classes will be taught LIVE through the Internet so you can watch and follow from anywhere. For only this first group, each person will get three 30-minute calls. One at the beginning, one after the 3rd calls and one after the last class. Be ready to show up fully and rock the world with a highly profitable and sexy personal brand!

*I will survey the final group to see if there are better times for the entire group. So the day is NOT set in stone.

"I wanted to speak internationally, be more influential and market my programs effectively and within the first 12 months, I secured speaking engagement in the U.S and in Europe. I launched my successful Inner Changemaker podcoast and JayWongTV Youtube channel, and launched a highly successful group called the Toronto Internet Marketers (TIM) which is now hosted by Shopify and eBay! Tuan's program was beyond public speaking. It was really a unique and refreshing approach to communication with conviction and authenticity. I highly recommend his program. Tuan is world-class and is fully committed to people's success and happiness!"

Jay Wong


  • Module 1: The New Speak

    Public speaking has changed over the years, going beyond a moment of inspiration. Deep connections and relationships stem from the new way people speak.

  • Module 2: Your style and profile

    Not one person is similar in their style and profile. This is a module of self-discovery and furthermore, self-acceptance and self-appreciation. Knowing this will help you have no fear in communicating YOUR thoughts YOUR way.

  • Module 3: The Guts

    Learn all the aspects that impact our courage. Over 90% of people have a fear deep inside that shatters their confidence. We completely dedicate an entire module to the art of self-confidence.

  • Chapter 4: Influence

    The most effective speakers understand the neurosciences behind how people can be inspired and influence to achieve beyond their own expectations. This is dedicated to purely the triggers that engage, convert and generates action.

  • Chapter 5: Marketing

    Ever leader has thoughts that can change the world and thus are deserving of a chance to share the message. This module gives you the foundation to position yourself within your space for opportunities to speak around the world.

  • Resources

    To help you not only prepare for the course, you will receive tons of worksheets as well as post-launch tools to help you develop our all natural speaking abilities.

Friends and Family Price of $397USD

ENDS July 17th at midnight EST.

(Limited Space - I want a small group this time)

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Book My Spot Now!

Prices goes up to $697USD on July 18, 2016