I help dudes become awesome business dads

After rising from my own marital breakdown into an awesome business dad, I humbly share my lessons and journey here. (includes some wicked cool surprise guests!)

Welcome to my blog and youtube channel where I download my brain and soul to show how I create an awesome life where I can be a successful entrepreneur, a reliable dude and a awesome dad. I call these dads - a DudeBuddha! My name is Tuan Nguyen. Fellow Dudebuddhas call me the GangstaBuddha. Ready for the DudeBuddha lifestyle?

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My Name is Tuan. Fellow DudeBuddhas call me the GangstaBuddha. Let's rock.



Wisdom defined by the collective experiences and knowledge of the dudebuddhas. Proper English is also not a requirement in this cult of ours. Authentic expression is.

DudeBuddhas are siccckk entrepreneurs who heart-centred, purpose driven and understand that you can make a big difference and big fortune all at the same time.

DudeBuddhas are forward-thinking leaders that take all that weirdo spiritual shit and apply it to every day business 'cause it fucking works.

DudeBuddhas are wicked awesome dads. Period.

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