FREE Offer: Personal Branding Crash Course

Catalyst Conference 2016 Delegates and Friends

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Upon hearing your feedback post-conference, I decided to offer a FREE crash course on Personal Branding to delegates and your friends who you feel may benefit. This is essentially the framework I teach in full course. I am NOT going to sell my course to you - you can just peruse my site if you are interested. I just want to offer more value to your conference experience. Thank you to all of you who reached out whether in person or via social medial channels. If there are 10 or more people registered, we shall continue with the course. If you agree on the importance of personal branding, then I highly recommend signing up. Years of experience and knowledge went into this and I'd love to share it with you. 

FREE Personal Branding Crash Course

Friday, June 3, 2016 at 8:30pm (Limited Space)

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Registration Deadline - May 31st, 2016 at midnight!

Tuan, I'm in. Let's rock!

Please reserve my spot


To be absolutely transparent, the value of this content is pretty awesome...however, as much as I am proud of the content, the real value is when I am personally engaged through coaching. This is what customers get when they sign onto the full program. Now if you want a crash course and would like to give it a shot first, then more power to you.

"Can I offer anything in return?" - ok, only one person asked me this question.

I will be providing a link to my amazon wishlist. The value of the course like this is $297USD. But if you want, you can buy anything on my wishlist at the end of the course. It includes French books for my son starting at $5 or something. Seriously, that simple. Or you can make a donation of $50 or more to a registered Canadian charity and send over the receipt so I can keep track of contributions inspired by my commitment to helping you reach your potential.

Ready to rock?

" Tuan has a remarkable ability to help you map out the vision of your personal brand while keeping your personal integrity and uniquness. His skillset in not only marketing but niche positioning acts as a powerful tool to sky rocket your reach, influence and business at record speed. Tuan helped me realize my power and gave me the needed tools to be of more service to my current and future clients."

Modules (Summary of the following)

  • Module 1: Defining

    This is NOT just about your story. This is about going beyond your story to find also, the tangible elements of YOU that can be leveraged to generate an income.

  • Module 2: Designing

    Discover how the design of your brand goes far beyond just the creative aspect of your brand. Language, mannerism and os much more.

  • Module 3: Marketing

    This is the longest module where we cover both giving your brand wings and helping it fly as profitably as possible.

  • Chapter 4: Monetizing

    I don’t want this to just be a creative exercise about your brand. The whole point is to show you how a personal brand can create value and therefor profit.

  • Chapter 5: Measuring

    No matter you do, as long as you spend energy, money or anything that means an investment on your end, you need to learn how to measure your activities!

  • Resources

    To help you not only prepare for the course, you will receive tons of worksheets as well as post-launch tools to help you build and grow your sexy personal brand!