"The best way to inspire others is to be inspired yourself."

- Tuan Nguyen...and probably by 10 others in the world at this exact moment! I'm really just a messenger.

Silly Messenger

Here’s the short form. I am a purpose-driven and heart-centred entrepreneur, public speaker and philanthropist. I am a messenger.

This is me talking. This is a transcription of me talking to you. I’m sitting in my living room and talking into a recorder and looking at my son trying to colour in between the lines of his superhero colouring book. Life is amazing and ultra special when I get to hang with my boy, Quinn. I guess I’m kind of like one of those rap stories, the one where people go through the struggle, despite everything apparently going against them, but with a ton of focus, determination and self-faith (is there such a word?) I accomplished what most people have said, a very successful life.


Growing up on social aid, living in the projects, feeling embarrassed my entire childhood (I am now grateful for my past now!), wearing clothes from salvation army, watching all the kids in the hood get into gangs and other trouble, and being bullied was were it kind of started here in Canada. Prior to that, I survived fleeing Vietnam where I flatlined twice as in infant, shocked back to life and made my way here to eventually discover I have a heart condition. But I survived. Our family survived. And I am eternally grateful to my parents for their courage. This has given me the mental strength to never give up on myself. To pick myself up after a fall and to help others get up after they have fallen. I discovered the spiritual gangsta in me...bringing spirituality down to the streets! In other words, I make it applicable!


“If the Vietnamese boat people can dodge bullets and survive years in a concentration camp just to come here for a better future, then it should not be too challenging to survive rejection, business failures, life failures, etc.”

I've been GOOGLED

Googling me, you’ll find some of the following...which by the way...I’m not listing this to be boastful. I’m proud of these accomplishments and recognitions, but what I truly value is how I make people feel...which I hope is nothing but AWESOME. I digress.

Ok, so here we go. Oh, one more thing. I’m terrible at grammar and hence, this section is highly conversational. Actually, most of my site and any time you hear from me is quite casual. So when we meet, you’ll know exactly what to expect! I digress again!

Love giving back!

Oh yes, the list you’ll learn if you Google me. Let’s start with what I value most. Community stuff. Business will follow.

  • I have volunteered and raised well over $10 million dollars for various charities. (I’m not a professional fundraiser. I don’t get paid for any of this stuff.)
  • I have received many recognitions including
    • Being inducted in the Order of the Good Bear at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation
    • Having my name engraved on the Wall of Inspiration which graces the Jean Pigot Hall at City Hall.
    • Receiving the Community Builder Award from the United Way

Rising to the Top

Then there is the business and public speaker part of moi!

  • I’m a serial entrepreneur having ran several multi-million dollar Internet companies and business advisory practices
  • I’ve delivered over 300 speaking engagements including 3 TEDxTalks (within 20 months)
  • I hang out with some of the world’s most powerful people. It’s stealth-like, but you can find some proof of this if you do enough research.

The Fall and Rise Again...

And despite all of this, I’ve had many, many, many downs. Failures. Setbacks - all of which have led me to a couple of bouts of depression! Yes...Tuan Nguyen was depressed. And badly after the fail of my marriage.


“Then… my life COMPLETELY CRUMBLED and melted into the core of the earth.


It was like falling on my butt right in the middle of a great run on the snowboard. It hurts ... a lot! But I get back up, shake off the pain, pat my bruises and start riding again!

So….I started from scratch and in less than 18 months, rebuilt myself back up again. In fact, I am way more successful now than I was before. Was it because I “knew” people. Nope. I’ve seen a couple of friends start off on their own with an insane network of contacts. And they had a challenge understanding exactly what problems they can solve that people would be willing to pay for. Many of them almost went bankrupt and some did. And after much work, the survivors figured it out.

At the end, customers know what they want to pay and if you are worthy of their cashola. In fact, when you start from the bottom up, it’s almost difficult to hit up your own friends because the fall was so embarrassing. But you know what? After some time of struggle, I opened up and reached out. It made a difference. I’m grateful to them.

$300 Million to Google to...

18 months, as I rebuilt my business, I consulted and worked with over 200 of the most amazing people in my network...and I didn’t connect with many! Includes someone who sold a business to Google for $300 million to a buddy who is running a charitable organization to the "Suit guy" of Canada to my little 2 year old son. What were a few of the biggest lessons?

  1. Before business controls your life, start by designing your life the way you want it so that business is part of your life and not the other way around. (one of my blog posts to come). I refuse to build a business on 50+ hours a week. I want time with family and for myself. So I haven’t worked more than 35 hours and now know that often, we get distracted and takes us to the 60-70 hours a week.
  2. You have to give value before asking for anything in return. So even in this About Me section, I’m truly truly hoping I can share some valuable lessons from failures and successes
  3. Time with your family is the most priceless piece of your life. Don’t just throw it away. Once it’s gone, you can never take it back. Money, you can always make it again.

On a Mission

So now I’m on a mission. I want the world to be healthier and happier... and I know I cannot do it alone. It is why I’ve decided to dedicate myself towards 3 major areas share the same gifts that I have to offer.

  1. TuanNguyen.Space: where I help individuals, especially those who are not ready to retire or ready to leave their job of 15+ years in order to pursue a mission that can better the world as a consultant or coach.
  2. Dudebuddha.com: where I educate and inspire businessmen who aspire to be AWESOME dads. I will share business and life hacks from my own life and also powerful ones from some of the most awesome business dads in the world.
  3. HealthGenie: where my team and I help improve the health of leaders and organizations in health and wellness.
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