I help purpose-driven individuals build successful companies with awesome programs on business, marketing and leadership.

YOU can BE an AWESOME example for your family!

I believe in building a successful business with purpose

Most individuals I speak to who are in a job or close to retirement have a desire to get into consulting. They started a bit on the side but cannot seem to grow their business. 

Having generated millions myself and learning my own lessons and also from fellow entrepreneurs, I launched this company under my name to put my own credibility on the line to help you grow. Now...I only work with purpose-driven individuals who want to better the world. There are other business advisors who can just help you make money to make money. Not me. Purpose AND profit is how I like to roll. This is a part of my personal brand. What I believe. And by living it, I have been able to attract the right clients. 

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Sexy Personal Brand ATM

Your personal brand strategy is an extension of your business, especially as a one-person shop. This 5-module program teaches you a refreshing and real perspective on personal brands so you can build yours into one that is sexy and also one that drives cash into your life. An automated teller machine (ATM) means that you are able to tell your story in a profitable way.

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All Natural Speaking Program

Demonstrating strong leadership is foundational to earning the confidence and business of not only customers but also partners, suppliers and employees. Speaking with influence is not only meant for the stage. It can be over the phone, through a monitor or even during a casual lunch meeting. I have helped transform some of the most shy people imaginable. This 5-module program is designed to help you acquire the tools and support to master the art of speaking naturally and with great confidence.

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Catalytic Self-to-Market Formula

"Ok...so...how do I get myself out there and attracting customers"

The Catalytic Self-to-Market Formula takes in over 20 years of strategies to help you design the most optimal path to launch your business with long-term success. We don't like seeing starving consultants and coaches. You will learn the truth. The real cost. The real work required. The real results you can expect. There is no sugar-coating. However, there is a ton of support and resources to help you realize your dream. You ready to rock?

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Business Detox Formula

"I'm sick and tired of having no time for me, my family and the things I care about...but I can't see a way out of my 14 hour days, 6.5 days a week!"

The Business Detox Formula is essentially an intervention designed to identify and remove toxins from their business strategy, operations and...the business owners themselves. Removing these toxins results in greater wealth and time to address health and bring greater meaning back into business owners' lives.

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